ANSI/ASHRAE 194-2012

ANSI/ASHRAE 194-2012

Standard 194-2012 -- Method of Test for Direct-Expansion Ground-Source Heat Pumps (BSR/ANSI/ASHRAE approved) ASHRAE / 2012 / 22 pages

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Standard 194-2012 provides test procedures for rating factory-made residential, commercial, and industrial direct-expansion ground-source heat pumps. The heat-pump capacity range covered in this standard is 5.3 to 52.7 kW (18,000 to 180,000 Btu/h) and all standard voltage and frequency ratings.

Keywords : Geothermal heat pump, Geothermal, Direct Expansion, Ground Source, DGX, DX, GSHP, Direct Geoexchange, Geoexchange

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