ANSI/ASHRAE 198-2013

ANSI/ASHRAE 198-2013

Standard 198-2013 -- Method of Test for Rating DX-Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems for Moisture Removal Capacity and Removal Efficiency (ANSI Approved) ASHRAE / 2013 / 14 pages

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Standard 198-2013 prescribes a test method for rating direct-exchange dedicated outdoor air systems (DX-DOAS) units. Method of test applies to air-cooled,water-cooled, or water-source factory-assembled DX-DOAS products that condition 100% outdoor air and may include factory assembled preconditioning device(s).

Keywords: DX, moisture removal, outdoor air systems, dedicated outdoor system, DOAS, DX-DOAS, MRC, MRE

Product Code(s): D-86623

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