ANSI/ASHRAE 18-2008 (RA 2013)

ANSI/ASHRAE 18-2008 (RA 2013)

Standard 18-2008 (RA 2013) -- Methods of Testing for Rating Drinking-Water Coolers with Self-Contained Mechanical Refrigeration (BSR/ASHRAE/ANSI Approved) ASHRAE / 2013 / 8 pages

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ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 18-2008 (RA 2013) applies to self-contained, mechanically refrigerated drinking-water coolers and establishes the types of equipment to be used; the terms, instrumentation, and test apparatus for testing; the methods of procedure when testing for rating; a uniform method for calculation of results; and the data and results to be recorded.

Keywords: Self-Contained, Drinking-water coolers, Mechanical refrigeration, Pressure water coolers

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