ANSI/ASSE Z690 Package

ANSI/ASSE Z690 Package

Risk Management Package: ANSI/ASSE/ISO Guide 73 (Z690.1-2011), ANSI/ASSE/ISO 31000 (Z690.2-2011), ANSI/ASSE/IEC/ISO 31010 (Z690.3-2011) American Society of Safety Engineers / 11-Jan-2011 / 184 pages

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The Z690 Risk Management Package includes:

ANSI/ASSE/ISO Guide 73 (Z690.1-2011) Vocabulary for Risk Management (identical national adoption of ISO Guide 73:2009) View Contents (PDF)

ANSI/ASSE/ISO 31000 (Z690.2-2011) Risk Management: Principles and Guidelines (identical national adoption of ISO 31000:2009)View Contents (PDF)

ANSI/ASSE/IEC/ISO 31010 (Z690.3-2011) Risk Assessment Techniques (identical national adoption of ISO/IEC 31010:2009) View Contents (PDF)